About Our Company

Insane Ink is an entrepreneurial course at Piedmont Hills High School that runs an apparel customization company. This class is designed to give students hands-on experience running a business and to teach them the fundamentals of economics. The company was created by Mr. Mitch Method and Mr. Richard Langone in 1998. For the past 18 years, Mr. Method has advised each new incoming class. In addition, a second adviser Mrs. Diane Pereira has joined the Insane Ink team. Students are responsible for running the company while Mr. Method, Mrs. Pereira and the Executive Board advise and oversee the company. We offer a variety of custom apparel for clubs, organizations, school classes, events, and other local businesses. Each order is thoroughly analyzed for an affordable price, quality design, and customer communication.

The objective of our business is to run the business successfully while maintaining a constant level of customer satisfaction and give back to the community. Not only are we here to supply quality services on behalf of our customers as a business, but we are also determined to allocate 50% of our entire profit towards philanthropy with our aim of giving back to the community. We are also able to offer our services at very competitive prices, much lower than that of other vendors. For more information on our prices, please go to our pricing page or contact us.

Things We Do

Our Team



Yash Tanna


Anthony Ta

VP of Marketing

Aileen Chen

VP of Media

Jessica Te

Director of Graphics

Trucdan Nguyen

Director of Philanthropy

Linda Nguyen

Director of the Student Store

Brian Cung

Production Teams

Insane Ink is run by teams of 3-5 students. Each individual has a different role (finance, marketing, or graphics) and contributes to finishing each job.


James Bui    
Dennis Dang    
Jonathan Wu    


Christine Le
Raine Miguel    
Shannon Truong

Dream Team

Aileen Chen
Trucdan Nguyen
Namrata Shetty
Christine Truong

Fantastic Four

Sanya Kooplicat    
Angel Phan    
Samantha Phan
Cindy Truong


Dustin Nguyen  
Karina Rich
Maybelle Salanga

Monster's Ink

Ricky Do  
Marcus Dore
Jaden Faber
Lorance Hermez


Nabiha Ahmed  
Leslee Patino Flores
Stormy Rodriguez

Shirt Crazy

John James  
Deja Reed
Carson Sandell

Supreme Team

Thomas Bui  
Steven Dinh  
Michael Krowicki  
Jose Renteria

Team CEO

Yash Tanna  

Team Cryogenic

Brian Cung
Cindy Hoang
Andrea Nguyen
Anthony Ta

Team Offset

Bryant Cachola
Justin Dionisio
Jacqueline Krowicki
Simon Xian

Team Team

Angelique Gonzales Rosas
Ashley Gonzalez Espinoza
Linda Nguyen
Neha Singh


Derek Bui
Eric Hoang
Daniel Kokoski
Tony Zang

Team Top Ramen

Kiana Ha
Cameron Hane
Jessica Te

The Aesthetic Acorns

Alicia Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen
Matthew Pham
Carlo Ramos